Menstrual Wellbeing

The average western woman will have between 350 and 550 periods during her life time and menstruate for a total of around six and a half to seven years. And yet … and yet for many of us this is still an awful, painful, inconvenient, messy or simply annoying experience. Even now many girls are introduced to menstruation as a curse or something unfair to endure, and about which many of us maintain an embarrassed silence.

This view and experience has little to do with menstruation as a healthy, natural aspect of the menstrual cycle, an intrinsic feature of our fertility, sexuality, creativity and inner life.

Menstrual wellbeing is a notion in direct contrast to menstruation as a problem. This is not to say that a great many women and girls don’t experience a whole gamut of menstrual problems, they clearly do.

Menstrual wellbeing is the study and practice arising from these questions: what is a healthy menstrual cycle? and how do we support menstrual wellbeing?

Menstrual wellbeing offers women the means to understand, heal and dance with their menstrual cycle. As an intrinsic feminine experience for decades of our life understanding how to care for our rhythmic selves and how this can be a positive physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual experience can be profoundly liberating and grounding.

You will find a number of chapters in The Pill: Are You Sure It’s for You? dedicated to unfolding menstrual wellbeing with practical tips on how to achieve it. A Blessing Not a Curse includes chapters on the specific menstrual problems that are common to teenage girls, with a range of tried-and-true self-help options and recommendations for professional help for those that are hard to shift.

The Natural Fertility Management Kits offer well-researched, step-by-step methods for learning to chart your menstrual cycle. Whether your current purpose is conception, contraception or neither learning the Natural Fertility Management methods will give you invaluable insight into your reproductive cycles and overall health.

These articles Follow Your Natural Cycle, About Women: Celebrating Girls, Learning to Ride the Menstrual Cycle: A Guide for Menstrual Wellness and Honouring Menstruation further elaborate on menstrual wellbeing. You might also like to check out these websites and resources: