NFM Contraception Kit

‘Your healthy contraception choice’

Your body gives you wonderful and unmistakable signs of fertility. You can easily learn to observe and interpret these signs in order to assist you to avoid unwanted conceptions.

You are only fertile for a few days each cycle. Once you have learnt to identify these days you will be free to have unprotected intercourse at all other times in your cycle (if infection is not a concern).

In the first few cycles you will learn methods that will enable you to manage your fertility throughout your fertile life.

Natural Fertility Management can be used by all women, whether or not their cycles are regular, and at any stage of their fertile life. All that is required for your successful use of these methods is motivation and a healthy curiosity about your own body.

Advantages of the Natural Fertility Management methods for contraception:

  • Studies show a range of success rates for the NFM methods as taught in The NFM Kits as between 97% and 99.8%, when used correctly
  • Increased awareness of your own fertility and cycles
  • Easy to use and no side effects
  • No reliance on drugs or devices (where infection is not a concern)
  • Freedom to have unprotected intercourse throughout the majority of your cycle
  • Appropriate for all women and at all stages of your fertile life
  • Regularity is not essential
  • Applicable when coming off the Pill, breastfeeding and during perimenopause
  • No danger to future fertility, pregnancies or children.

The NFM Contraception Kit teaches you this unique combination of methods:

  • the mucus method and the temperature method to pinpoint your mid-cycle ovulation, and the beginning and end of the fertile period
  • the lunar biorhythmic cycle pinpoints when a spontaneous ovulation may occur, which may or may not coincide with your mid-cycle ovulation
  • secondary symptoms are also charted during the learning phase to further support the process of getting to know your cycle.

The NFM Kit will also show you how to use this information to avoid conception at your fertile times by abstaining or using barrier methods such as condoms or diaphragms.

The Natural Fertility Management Contraception Kit has been developed to provide you with the easiest and most thorough way to learn these methods. Like driving a car or riding a bike, once learnt these methods become an automatic part of what you know about yourself, your body and the way you manage your fertility. The NFM Contraception Kit is a once only purchase that will save you money over time.

The Natural Fertility Management Contraception Kit contains:

  • A copy of the best-selling book Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish
  • An easy-to-use NFM Contraception Workbook which includes:
    – full step-by-step instructions for learning the methods over the first few learning cycles and beyond
    – twelve cycle charts for recording your observations
    – guidelines for optimum reproductive health
  • A Contraception CD in which Francesca Naish:
    – introduces you to the NFM methods (great for sharing with your partner)
    – guides you through relaxation, visualisation and suggestions while you are learning these methods, which will also help to synchronise your lunar and hormonal cycles. While not necessary synchronisation helps to reduce the total number of your fertile days and helps you to regulate your cycle
  • A quality purpose-made digital fertility thermometer that reads your basal temperature to a hundredth of a degree
  • An Order Card for your Personal Lunar Calculations and Moon Calendars for six full years, at no further cost to you. You can then order online for immediate use or by post
  • A Time Machine for adjusting your Personal Lunar Calculations to different time zones when travelling.

Please note that no method of contraception is 100% effective. No guarantee can be given that contraception will be effective in individual cases. For more information on effectiveness rates go to

What are women saying?

‘Natural Fertility Management is about freedom … it’s great! I have never felt so empowered. I feel like a I’m a new person. My husband loves it and it’s brought us closer together – it has given us the freedom without all the negative side-effects. I really wish I’d known about it years ago. I’m discovering so many new things about my body and how it works.’

Adrienne Palmer, QLD

‘I have been amazed by how easy it has been to observe my fertility cycles. I can’t imagine how I never noticed before! It has made such a difference to my confidence and our sex life. Contraception was meant to be easy.’

Maggie Kenwood, QLD

‘Now that we’re using NFM I feel much more alive, much more in tune with my body and senses…On top of all that, the side-effects of the Pill are gradually disappearing..I feel like my ‘old self’..I feel how I ‘should’, healthy, energetic, young, vibrant, happy..and very attracted to my husband.  Our sex life is getting passion back that it once had before the Pill took it’s insidious course…and its wonderful!!!!!!!’

Julie Naughton, NSW

‘Love the awareness of “my” moon when it comes around each month – I look forward to connecting with it up there in the sky. Love being in touch with my own rhythms and cycles and knowing where I’m at fertility-wise. Love having a partner who’s open to living with and supporting a natural woman and being part of my sexual and fertility cycles and aware of sharing natural contraception responsibilities.

Genevieve Kent, SA

‘We have a very satisfying, full sexual relationship and after having used this technique for a while I feel confident in it. It has helped me know my body better..NFM has attuned me to my body rhythms. I also found that I do ovulate at my natal lunar time.’

Lulu Chan, NSW

‘I’ve been using NFM for about four years now and find its great to be working with and nurturing, my femininity and fertility instead of controlling it at all costs – to treat fertility as a life-giving process not some form of chronic or fatal disease.’

Bea Lamour, TAS

Until finding NFM- I found it was hard to find proper instruction on any natural methods – despite several attempts. The instructions always seemed very scanty and half-hearted, mostly from doctors who seemed unsure and reluctant to give info on them. My experience of natural methods before NFM were rudimentary as a result – some mucus observations, some rhythm, which didn’t allow for (so I didn’t know about) early ovulation with my short cycle. Because of this I have had unwanted pregnancies. On the other hand NFM has been the exact opposite: all the fine print covered and I feel really grateful to have found it (at last) and am extremely confident with it.

Gillian Mendes, NZ

‘I am more than happy – relieved, to be using a more natural form of contraception. It has allowed me to relate to my womanhood in ways that previously were not open to me. I have also become more attuned, as a rediscovered ‘cyclical being’ to the cyclical nature of this planet and feel blessed to be walking through this doorway…At times of hormonal and lunar fertility my partner and I use condoms.’

Libbie Eldridge, VIC

‘I wish I’d known all this stuff when I was 16 I’m sure I wouldn’t have given so much of my power and self-esteem away.’

Lily McIntosh, QLD

‘It’s been 12 months now since I began charting my cycle, and it’s been a real voyage of discovery. A very strange, but exhilarating, experience: unlocking a secret code that I’d carried inside me for about 20 years. My cycle turned out to be such a regular, straightforward one that I was amazed that it hadn’t always been obvious to me.  Finding out where my ovulation regularly fell in my cycle explained such a lot about how I felt – my highs and lows and madnesses – and when. So, my first, and main, impressions of the NFM program are concerned with the revelation of my cycle. It’s value to me as a method of contraception has been secondary.’

Rita Kristoffson, SA

‘I have been using Natural Fertility Management methods for approximately 8 years. Once you have mastered the methods, it becomes second nature and you simply incorporate it into your life. (ie you don’t plan your romantic weekends away when you are at your fertility peak, a bit of a private joke of ours!) There are times when we use barrier methods, which we are both fine with. My partner thought it was a great idea and had absolutely no resistance to using these methods – it seemed very common sense to him and has probably given him more of an understanding of my fertility as well.’

Janette Morgan, US

“I wish I had known what I know now about my cycles when I was an adolescent and could enjoy the process of my cycles as I have done for the last 10 years. It is very empowering to have this knowledge and be able to use it in such an important area of a woman’s life.’

Jane Watson, VIC

‘Natural Fertility Management – excellent. Previously tried natural family planning – very confusing and unpractical as I was told I must abstain for 2-3 months while learning! NFM is more practical, informative and complete – very user friendly…NFM has enlightened me completely as to the “magic” of being a woman – a healthy, natural, good cycle feels great.’

Amanda Lai, UK

‘I am happy with the Natural Fertility methods … I am in control, I am not harming my body or future fertility, I am becoming more aware of my body’s natural rhythms and cycles all the time…I often do notice changes in my energy and creativity throughout my cycle, I usually have a big energy burst right before my period, and I’m not quite sure how my creativity works, but there are differences throughout the cycle.

Nina  Royle, FRANCE

‘Natural fertility is great for your sex life and sex drive!’

Rheannan Kiernan, QLD

‘I love the heightened awareness of my body and its cycles and the sense of self-respect and empowerment this brings.’

Vivienne Butler, VIC

‘I am really happy with my decision to use Natural Fertility Management. It’s a relief that I have finally found a form of contraception and an approach to life that is right for me. It is very empowering and gives me a feeling of optimism for my future health and happiness…I’m fascinated with the Lunar Cycle – I’ve always felt a connection with the moon and think its great to know now that it actually has such an influence on my life.’

Martha Timson, VIC

‘I am excited to have begun NFM and am enjoying reading and learning about my body. I feel it will ultimately strengthen my relationship as my partner is getting involved too.’

Pip Fernandez, NSW

‘The rewards of using this method have extended well beyond feeling confident about contraception. It has opened up a whole new understanding of my body, and has given me great peace of mind.

Bettina Nixon, US

‘I have been using Natural Fertility Management for over a year now very successfully, and I may add, with much pleasure. I have learnt to understand and enjoy all aspects of my cycle. I feel more in touch with my body, more confident and empowered around my sexuality and fertility as I know exactly when I can conceive and when I can’t.’

Gabbie Reynolds, UK

‘My journey into true womanhood began four years ago at age 29 when I began to reclaim much that I had given away as a younger woman.  Ceasing use of the Pill was a declaration that I was responsible for making informed and responsible choices about my own body.  NFM came out of my desire to reconnect with my body and take charge  of my own destiny.  I use what I have learnt from NFM to accept and honour the natural ebbs and flows of my life.  As a guide, the moon has become my sister, navigating and directing the best use of my energy in all that I am, create and express.’

Linda Tunzi, NT