NFM Conception Kit

‘Optimising your chances of a natural, healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.’

The Natural Fertility Management Conception kit guides you through the practical steps that will help you to achieve a natural, healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby. You will learn to understand how and when your body is fertile, and how best to prepare (both prospective parents) for a healthy conception. Once these timing methods are learnt, you can apply them for the rest of your fertile life, to help you to space or avoid any future pregnancies.

In your Natural Fertility Management Conception Kit you will learn to recognize the unmistakable signs of fertility that recur with each menstrual cycle, and, through charting them, become aware of patterns of change in cervical mucus, basal body temperature and other symptoms. By combining this with your personal bio-rhythmic lunar cycle, you can learn how to optimise the timing of conception.

By practicing preconception health care you can optimise the health of the sperm, the egg and the nurturing environment for the developing baby. Even if you have a fertility problem which necessitates the use of assisted reproductive technology (IVF etc.), and which is not amenable to natural therapy, preconception health care will still give you a significant advantage in achieving a healthy conception.

Please note that if you have fertility problems it may be useful to also seek the help of a health professional, and that there can be no guarantee of conception in individual cases. If treatment is required to complement this kit, please contact the Jocelyn Centre for details of the NFM conception program at

Some Advantages of NFM methods for Conception

  • Increased awareness of your own fertility and cycles
  • Improved fertility and reproductive health
  • No reliance on drugs or reproductive technology
  • Appropriate for all couples
  • Safe contraception while you prepare for conception
  • Natural contraception after the birth of your baby.

The Methods

The Natural Fertility Management Kit teaches you to identify your fertile times through observing and interpreting the:

  • changes in your cervical mucus
  • body-at-rest (basal) temperature readings.This enables you to know when you are fertile in your hormonal cycle
  • The effectiveness of these methods is enhanced by also observing your bio-rhythmic lunar cycle. This enables you to identify the optimal time for ovulation when your fertility is at its peak.

In addition The Natural Fertility Management Kit will support your preconception health care step-by-step. This is a way for both prospective parents to improve their fertility and the health of their eggs and sperm, by ensuring:

  • the presence of the nutritional ‘building blocks’ which are necessary for the formation of a healthy embryo
  • the absence of toxins that could be detrimental for this process
  • optimum general and reproductive health

The Natural Fertility Management Conception Kit contains:

  • A copy of the best-selling book Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish
  • An easy-to-use NFM Conception Workbook which includes:
    – full step-by-step instructions for learning the methods over the first few learning cycles and beyond
    – twelve cycle charts for recording your observations
    – diet guidelines for reproductive health
  • A Conception CD in which Francesca Naish:
    – introduces you to the NFM methods (great for sharing with your partner)
    – guides you through relaxation, visualisation and suggestions to reduce stress, support motivation and confidence that you can achieve a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby, and to help to synchronise your lunar and hormonal cycles for optimum fertility
  • A quality purpose-made digital fertility thermometer that reads your basal temperature to a hundredth of a degree
  • An Order Card for your Personal Lunar Calculations and Moon Calendars for six full years, at no further cost. You can these order online for immediate use, or by post
  • A Time Machine for adjusting your Personal Lunar Calculations to different time zones when travelling.

What are women saying?

‘My experience with Natural Fertility Management has been nothing but wonderful … I had a great pregnancy, felt healthy, fit and strong and was not at all fearful of the pending birth. Of all the people I knew who were pregnant at the same time I was the only one who felt so great. And now, after the birth of my beautiful baby I can use the fertility awareness methods to avoid conception until we are ready to conceive our next baby (in a few years!).’

Amanda Shore, WA

‘I conceived on the first attempt after embarking on the NFM methods. I felt an enormous difference in my attitude and positivity, which was reinforced by the relaxation and suggestion CD, which I use constantly. I’m sure that this change in emotional attitude was the crucial turning point for me after a long wait for a child.’

Linda Matthews, TAS

‘We had been to various doctors/homoeopaths but no-one had been able to find our problem and we had almost given up after 5½ years and two miscarriages. Now, thanks to NFM we have a strong, healthy, bright, happy, beautiful daughter. No colic, reflux, feeding problems, allergies, asthma, eczema or sleeping problems. Thank you so much … at last our prayers have been answered!’

Victoria Reinhard