The Pill

The Pill: are you sure it’s for you?

Full of real women’s stories and carefully researched information, our aim is to offer women the means to true informed choice about contraception, including the Pill, implants, injections, patches, vaginal rings and IUDs.

Table of Contents

Are you confused?
You are not alone
The Pill is a drug
The never-ending pregnancy
Recognising side-effects
Feeling depressed?
Low libido – is that how it works?
Mood swings, weight gain, brittle bones and migraines
Dying not to get pregnant
On the Pill and pregnant – when the Pill fails
Off the Pill but where’s the baby?
When the Pill affects fertility
Malnutrition – a side-effect for everyone
Are periods really bad for you?
What about your daughter?
Taking the Pill for skin and period problems
Are you thinking about coming off the Pill?
If not the Pill, then what?
What are natural contraception methods?
How to find the best contraception for you
Making the most of success rates
What’s the point of a cycle?
Period power and how to get more of it
The natural way to menstrual wellbeing
What you can do for your period and skin problems
How your cycle is connected to your relationship
Negotiating contraception.

And appendices: How the Pill does what, The Pill disturbs nutrition, What about a Pill for men?, Environmental side-effects, My Contraception Plan.

In The Pill you‘ll read about:

  • side effects such as depression and mood disorders, loss of libido, headaches and migraine, weight gain, increased risk of breast cancer and brittle bones
  • alternatives to chemical contraception that don’t harm your health or fertility
  • natural ways to heal menstrual problems rather than masking these with the Pill
  • the fallout of the Pill in relationships (and the health of future children) and conversely how the menstrual cycle can be an ally to deepen your connection and sexual intimacy
  • the radical idea that having a menstrual cycle is really cool and can even be empowering, and, once experienced in this way is something you wouldn’t dream of eliminating with synthetic hormones.

Who is The Pill: are you sure it’s for you? for?

  • Fertile women who need reliable contraception that doesn’t compromise their health and sexuality
  • Men who wants to share in the responsibility of contraception
  • Women suffering from menstrual and /or skin problems who want to know how to heal them naturally
  • Parents of a teenage daughter who want to support her in her contraceptive needs as she moves toward a sexual relationship and want to fully understand the health implications (many side-effects are of particular concern for teenagers)
  • Health practitioners who want comprehensive information on contraception and to learn more about womens’ health
  • Counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who want to understand the impact of the Pill on womens’ psychological wellbeing
  • Women and men who want to learn about period power, how to leverage it for success and how the female body is designed for ecstasy.

What practitioners are saying

‘This is such an important book; so many women and girls are unquestioning about their contraception choices and, until now, have not had a user-friendly, comprehensive, well-researched resource to help them decide what is best for their well-being.

Jane Bennett and Alexandra Pope have now rectified that deficiency, with a book that every girl and woman should read. Not only does it clearly identify many of the risks that are associated with the use of the oral contraceptive pill (and other forms of hormone delivery), but talks through the alternatives and gives an inspirational message about reconnecting with the essential nature of being a cycling woman.
Very readable, very informative and very important!’

Francesca Naish
Naturopath, fertility expert and best selling author of Natural Fertility and the Better Babies  series.

‘At last an easy to read, comprehensive, well-researched book about an extremely important but as yet, rarely discussed topic.  I think The  Pill: are you sure it’s for you? is a real treasure and have complete confidence in recommending it to my patients, colleagues and friends as a great read as well as en empowering tool to help women become more in tune with the natural cycles.  Each clinic day I hear stories from women who feel that they do not have enough information about more ‘natural’ means of contraception, as well as from women who have had unpleasant experiences with synthetic hormonal contraception.  Now I can refer them to this book and know that they will begin a journey of discovery about themselves and their options.’

Wendy Dumaresq
Medical Herbalist, Natural Fertility Management Counsellor and Author

‘Thank you to Alexandra and Jane for writing The Pill: are you sure its for you?
In my work with women of all ages the dominant ‘problem’ is disconnection with the cycles of the Earth, of life and their own menstrual cycles. But we only know what we know and this basic information has been left out of the wisdom passed down in the so-called “Woman’s Body Owner’s Manual” for many generations now. Our modern patriarchal culture’s disrespect for the feminine is responsible for this disconnection and the Pill is one of the main causes of this problem and long lasting health concerns for everyone. The Pill : are you sure its for you?, a remarkable collection of facts, wisdom and women’s stories, is what a woman, her sexual partner, her mother and her doctor need to read to make an informed choice about contraception.

So many women bury their heads in the sand over the issue of whether to take the Pill or not. The Pill: are you sure its for you? will give them all the information they need to stop fooling themselves that taking the Pill is fine, because as this great book tells us, it’s not.’

Jane Hardwicke Collings
Independent Midwife, Trainer and Author

‘I’m very impressed with and grateful for your book, The Pill: are you sure it’s for you? It’s so helpful to have this information in print to recommend to students, patients, and nieces. I love that you don’t demonize men or doctors and, instead, inspire women to rise to the responsibility of their own bodies and fertility. It’s very empowering.’

Dr. Claudia Welch
Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Author

‘I have just finishing reading The Pill: Are You Sure It’s For You? It is excellent! It is also filling a huge need, as I’m sure you know. I can’t thank you enough for writing it, and for doing it so well.’

Janet R. Lang, DC
Restorative Endocrinology Specialist and Consultant

‘This highly informative book cuts through the confusion surrounding the pill and is a must read for all women either on the pill, or considering its use. The authors explain – in an easy to read format – everything you should know about the pill – including side-effects – and give a number of viable alternatives, including the natural conception method. Packed full of useful case studies, this book will help women (and their partners!) decide which contraception method is right for them.”

Patrick Holford
Author of The Optimum Nutrition Bible and nutritionist
Patrick Holford, author

What women are saying

‘I’ve just finished reading your book, The Pill: are you sure it’s for you?, and I am  so grateful to you for the information and for the positive way in which you put everything. I am one of those women who has been on the Pill for almost 20 years and have really not paid much attention to things until a year ago when the pain and discomfort every month just got worse and worse.  I have searched for information on coming off the Pill and getting into natural awareness, and I have to say, your book was the first comprehensive one I’ve seen and I can’t thank you enough for the information and the feeling that went into writing the book – I felt like someone understood!!’


‘I think this is a fantastic book. I even convinced my boyfriend to read it. As an athlete I have developed a great respect for my body. This book has taken that respect to an entirely new level. I only wish I had read this book earlier. It is a must read for every female.’


‘Thank you so much for the book you co-authored, “The Pill – are you sure it’s right for you?” It’s so hard to find information about being on the pill and going off it … I’d already started to think about going off it after discovering I was insulin resistant 6 months ago and reading on the web that the pill is a known contributor to this.  After reading your book, talking to the doctor and my partner, I decided it was worth a try. I’m not expecting miracles or massive weight loss, but I am hoping it might help me in dealing with high blood pressure and insulin. I’m lucky … I have a supportive partner who is willing to try other forms of contraception.

Your book helped me know what to expect, and how to supplement my diet at this time. At about day 4 or 5 of being off the pill I got very emotional and teary, but I assured everyone it was just hormones and that soon passed! Now I feel completely normal, have lost a couple of kilos (probably fluid retention), and am trying to improve diet and exercise so the next doctor’s visit is more positive!!’


‘I recently read The Pill: Are you sure it’s for you? and I have come to the conclusion that it definitely is NOT for me. I want to thank you for putting so much work and research into a thoroughly inspirational and enlightening book. I feel like I have become a much happier and liberated woman after stopping the pill and I can honestly say that it is solely your book that has inspired me to make the right choices about my body. I wish I’d read it BEFORE I went on the pill!’

Janey Stephenson, student, York University.

‘I recently went through this with my own 18 year old and found the only option young girls are offered is the pill. So there is an enormous need for young women to be educated about what it does. I buy all my daughter’s friends your book and they are amazed at the information that was never explained to them. The reason I give it to them is they have all suffered adverse effects from going on the pill, but of course none of this is ever reported. It really is a great book you have done a wonderful job.’

Kay Watts, Producer, Wonderful World Media Network

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