A Blessing Not a Curse

Girls who have a positive experience of menarche and their ongoing menstrual cycle are able to grow into the in-drawing centredness, the confidence, the groundedness, that conscious, positive and healthy menstruating can offer. Menstruation is an aspect of their blossoming sexuality – an inward time to be with themselves, a time to explore their changes and start to get to know the fertile and infertile times of their menstrual cycle – before they embark on sexual relationships.

As health practitioners, educators and carers we can explore our own experiences of menarche, menstruation and fertility, and the influences of family and culture, and by getting to know, make friends with and honour our own cycle we are able to help the girls in our care, to achieve a healthy menstrual experience. By honouring menstruation, in practical and philosophic ways, we can vastly improve our own experiences, discover the hidden creative potentials of riding our emotional and energetic rhythms, and support girls toward an experience of menstruation as a blessing, rather than a curse.

A Blessing Not a Curse: a mother-daughter guide to the transition from child to woman

This book includes:
A cultural, historical and modern day review of menstruation
Support for girls through the onset of puberty and the approach of menarche
Support for girls as they establish and maintain menstrual awareness
Self-help therapies for menstrual problems
A detailed understanding of the physiology of the menstrual cycle
How we can support girls and ourselves by honouring menstruation

List of contents:
Part 1: Our Cycling Bodies
1. A natural rhythm
2. The menstrual cycle
Part 2 Blessing or Curse?
1. Curse
2. Blessing
3. Lifting the curse
Part 3 Rite of Passage
1. Your own experience
2. Puberty unfolds
3. Menarche
4. The gear
Part 4 Problem periods
1. A stress sensitive health meter
2. Common menstrual problems
3. Treating menstrual problems
4. Finding professional help
Part 5 Learning to Ride the Menstrual Cycle
1. Supporting your daughter
2. Establishing and maintaining menstrual wellness
3. Self-help therapies
The Blessing

What people have been saying about A Blessing Not a Curse:

‘What a wonderful book – packed full with all the information I want mothers and teenagers to have, but don’t have time to more than hint at in my workshop. I love its redefinitions of attitudes…and its thorough support for healthy sexual function and protection of future fertility.’

Sue Laing,
facilitator of the popular ‘Children and Sexuality’ workshops for parents and educators and co-author of Passionate Schooling, www.passionateschooling.com

‘I just loved reading A Blessing Not a Curse and feel it carries a really profound message for women today – to enhance our unique, special and most fundamental female experience, positively – and share this with our daughters. Written with a wonderful mix of fascinating information, facts figures and useful stuff, stories, humour and lightness, this book appealed to my whole being – heart, soul and intellect.’

Jane Watson, mother of Ruby

‘A Blessing Not a Curse was a really valuable resource for us as Jessica started to mature. We read parts of the book together as different themes became relevant and Jessica would often go back and read the stories by herself. I think the information and understanding in the book helped us both have more awareness of all the issues around menstruation and helped normalise this for Jessica. As a result she is relaxed, matter-of-fact and tuned into her cycle in a really healthy way. I’ve learned at lot as well and have to say this has been a really positive journey for me too.’

Melinda Fuller