Follow Your Natural Cycle
Alexandra Pope
Psychologies, September 2010

Is the Pill right for you?
Jane Bennett and Alexandra Pope
Living Now, June, 2009

The Pill: Is it right for your teenage daughter?
Jane Bennett and Alexandra Pope
Kindred, February 2009

About Women: Celebrating Girls
Jane Bennett
Q+A Fact Sheet for About Men, About Women series
SBS Television 2008

The Pill: the myths, the politics and the consequences
Jane Bennett
Byron Child, March 2006

Learning to Ride the Menstrual Cycle: a guide for menstrual wellness
Jane Bennett

Honouring Menstruation
Jane Bennett
Natural Life, 2004



From Curse to Blessing
Abi Foss
7th October, 2010

Sweetening the Pill
Holly Grigg-Spall
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