Cool on the Inside

A day of activities, discussion and fun for girls

For Girls

What will we be doing?

  • Learning to ride the menstrual cycle – what’s going on inside your body during a cycle, understanding your emotional ups and downs, ways to look after yourself during your period, keeping track of where you are in your cycle, charting and making cycle beads
  • Managing girl friends, the cool kids and your social life while staying true to yourself – tips for handling peer pressure, bitchiness, cliques and parties, knowing what you want, taking your time, feeling safe and in control, understanding body language and sending the right message
  • Who is that cute boy? – What is being in love all about? What’s a crush? When are you ready for a relationship? When are you ready for sex? What responsibilities come with sex? What about contraception and STD protection?

Bring a notebook and pen, wear comfy clothes that you could do some stretches in and morning tea and lunch to share. Water, tea and juice will be available during the day.

For Parents and Carers

This workshop is a follow­–on from the Celebration Day for Girls, although it’s not necessary for girls to have attended this for your daughter to attend Cool on the Inside. Typically, but not necessarily, girls are 14 to 16 years old and in year 9.

During the first session of the day I’ll be introducing charting the menstrual cycle and understanding what’s going on during the cycle, emotionally and physically, and how a girl can look after herself before and during her period. Girls will make a set of cycle beads. These are a traditional method of teaching girls about their cycle from tribal Africa. I’ll adjust the content of this session depending on whether all participants have begun menstruating or not.

During the second session we’ll be looking at negotiating aspects of social life like peer pressure, cliques, parties, bitchiness and so on. We’ll explore boundaries, staying connected to oneself and body language through some fun processes.

During the last session of the day we’ll be exploring relationships: attraction, crushes, falling in love, sex and the responsibilities of sex, an introduction to contraception and protection against STDs, and looking after fertility.

Please note: I discuss contraception and sex through the all-important lense of relationship (trust, respect, communication, healthy choices etc.). While actual choices about sex may be quite some time off preparatory conversations are important and lead to healthy, conscious and appropriate decision making when the time comes. Similarly, while fertility may not be a consideration just yet society wide we are seeing an infertility epidemic (1 in 4/5 couples) – awareness of sexual health and caring for fertility as teenagers may have a profound preventative effect of this distressing problem.

For mothers and female carers: As Cool on the Inside is a girls-only day I offer a two-hour information and discussion session for mothers and female carers an afternoon or evening shortly before the girls’ day. There is no further fee for this session.

Information about fees: I aim to keep fees for the Cool on the Inside reasonable to enable all interested girls to participate. As such there is some variance depending on how far I need to travel. Generally I charge between $1000 and $1500 to run Cool on the Inside. This fee is then split between families, or families and their school.

To schedule a Cool on the Inside workshop: call or email me to discuss arranging this day for your daughter’s class, friendship or community group.

Cool on the Inside generally runs between 10am-4pm on a weekend day, usually Sundays. This is flexible depending on the requirements of your community. Please also feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns about the suitability of Cool on the Inside for your daughter.


How wonderful to have something special to re-emphasise the beautiful sacred quality of ourselves, our relationships and our bodies at this gorgeous age.

Melinda, mother of Ella, 14

I liked coming today because it brings things out into the open with my friends and makes things less awkward.


I liked the openness of everyone in the group and the cards were cool.


I liked being open about awkward situations, being myself and not feeling judged and learnning new thinsg.


I was surprised about how much i didn’t know about love and sex. It was great to talk about it comfortably with you and other girls.


I liked how everyone was really open and sharing ideas aout being more comfortable with the body you have.


Call or email me if you would like to check workshop dates, schedule a workshop, or if you would like further information, on (03) 5474 3213 or at