Adventures in Girltopia – One Day workshop

In our roles with girls we can draw on their natural drive for communication and connection to facilitate supported intentional conversations. When these are focused to notice strengths and have an overall celebratory and optimistic view of growing up – with all its joys, distresses, thresholds, challenges and achievements – they can support girls’ resilience and pluckiness as they step toward adulthood. Download flyer here.

A Celebration Day for Girls

For girls 10-12 years old with their mum or female caregiver
‘… girls enjoy lively discussion, fun activities, women’s stories and gentle celebration of the magical threshold of puberty and menarche (first period).’

Cool on the Inside

For girls 14-16 years old
All the cool stuff. Seriously fun.

Fathers Celebrating Daughters

For fathers of daughters
‘Fathers have a special and important role to play …’

Natural Fertility Management Theory and Practice

Are you keen to enjoy menstrual cycle awareness while practicing effective natural contraception? At this workshop you will be introduced to the fertility awareness methods of Natural Fertility Management and receive all you need to use these methods successfully… No dates are currently scheduled for this workshop. Sample Flyer  (1mb PDF), enquiries

Holistic Contraception

For women and couples who are into health and wellbeing the standard contraception offered is often counter-intuitive and contradicts their other lifestyle choices. No dates are currently scheduled for this workshop. Sample Flyer (1mb PDF), enquiries