An invitation to apply for A Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator Training


Over the past 17 years I have held A Celebration Day for Girls many times in communities across Australia, and now in the UK. The inherent transformational nature of puberty and menarche has seen this workshop evolve into a special program designed to meet an important need at a very specific time of life, for girls as well as their mothers and families.   Since 2012 I have been training women to facilitate A Celebration Day for Girls. As of January 2016 we have 85 facilitators across fourteen countries. This year I am offering four Facilitator Training programs:


April, Bendigo, VICTORIA  (dates still being finalised)

20 – 22 May, Canberra, ACT

29 – 31 July, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

5 -7 August, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND


While I’m waiting to finalise the dates and the 2016 invitations I’ll leave the 2015 invitation below for you to peruse. It will be tweaked for 2016, but not much.

Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator Training Invitation 2015

If this sounds interesting to you email me for an invitation and application form, and with your questions.



The Rite Journey Teacher Training


The Rite Journey is a highly-acclaimed innovative educational program founded by Andrew Lines and Graham Gallasch.

I am proud to have been invited to participate, along with the late innovative educator and author Amrita Hobbs, in writing the Girl’s Rite Journey Guidebook and in providing material and guidance for the girl’s Rite Journey program. I also assist in training teachers who will be running The Rite Journey at their schools. For further information go to Interested schools and parents can contact Andrew Lines from The Rite Journey website.