Like many people my professional life has taken a circuitous route that would have been impossible to predict or even map out from the beginning. At this stage of my life, in my (ahem! late) mid-fifties, I am clearer about what my passions are and where I feel it is most valuable to focus my energies and skills.

I am passionate about offering girls and women the means to understand and have a positive and empowered relationship with their bodies, their fertility and their cycles: to be able to make informed choices and to have these choices respected. I believe that not only is this a good thing for girls and women, but also for those around them and society as a whole.

We have come a long way over the last 20, 50 and 100 years in terms of women’s options, reproductive and other health choices, and life experiences in general. However, I believe, there is still much to be done before we really understand, in an uplifted, respectful and friendly way, what it is to inhabit a female body. It is this that intrigues and inspires me and to which I hope to add my contribution.

I have a daughter and three step-sons, all adult and inspirational. I live with an intriguing man among 500 million year old granite boulders, soaring eagles, kangaroos, wallabies and snakes (ducks and rabbits too!). I love gardening, yoga and cooking, and fantasise about having more time for craft. In 2010 I discovered what amazing beings elephants are while on a trip to Thailand, and recently we’ve been enjoying visits from an echidna, who we hope is fabulously fertile and has a special friend.

I have included my professional-bio, which will give you the kind of information you may need to share with parents and teachers or other colleagues if you want to offer one of my workshops or seminars in your community.

Call or email me if you would like to check workshop dates, schedule a workshop, or if you would like further information, on (03) 5474 3213 or at jane@janebennett.com.au